Know Where You Stand. An Experienced Oregon On the Job Injury Attorney Can Help You With Your Employer Liability and Third Party Claims

If you suffered an injury on the job, and someone other than a co-worker or your employer was negligent, you may have a Third Party Claim.  These claims have special requirements and challenges.  In some cases, even where your employer or a co-worker was negligent or careless in causing you injury, there may be other options as well.  Oregon's Employer Liability Law may help you recover for your losses if you were injured while working a dangerous occupation with other companies or contractors.

There is a lot here to sort out, and Astoria based construction and logging accident lawyer Joe Di Bartolomeo knows the issues injured Oregonians face, and has written a free guide to help you get a better understanding of whether you have a Third Party Claim, an Employer Liability Law claim, or even a direct claim against your employer.  Check out Navigating the Oregon Workers' Compensation Maze to find the information you need on your comp. claim, and The Oregon Personal Injury Guide for information on Employer Liability Law and Third Party claims.

You can also give us a call.  Talk to an experienced Astoria, Oregon based on the job injury attorney to get the best outcome possible in your claim. Contact us today at 503-325-8600 to learn your options.