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This Personal Injury Attorney Web Page Is Different

We drive every day without a second thought.  It's part of our daily routine, but everything can change in an instant. A serious car or truck collision can leave you or your loved ones with life-changing injuries. Plans are sidelined, priorities change, and not knowing what lies ahead causes stress.  There is a lot to deal with, and we can help.

Some people are not sure if they should hire an attorney, and if they do, how to find the right one.  Chances are that this is not the first attorney web site you have visited to get information about your injury claim, or decide whether you need a lawyer in the first place.

Our web site is different.

Many lawyer web sites tout how aggressive, experienced or compassionate they are, which is fine, but does not help you. We do something different. We give you the tools you need to know where you stand with your case without long forms and fluff.

The truth is, not everyone needs a lawyer, but if they do, there is a lot to consider.

People visiting our site, and those who hire us want to know about:

1.  Our experience

2.  How our fee agreement really works

3.  How we communicate with our clients

4.  How we evaluate a case before we negotiate

5.  What other clients and lawyers think about us

We know people do not look for an attorney because something good happened.  Something bad happened, and now you need answers.  We want to help you know where things stand.  Once you do, you can make smart choices.

So, if you want talk about the case, give us a call.  We will answer your questions, and find the best options for you, even if that means pointing you in another direction.  Everything we discuss is confidential because that is the law, and there is no charge or obligation.

Call 1-888-306-6910 to talk things over.  It's free, just between us, and you are not required to sign any agreements.

We are based in Astoria, but have helped clients all over Western Washington and Oregon.  We can meet with you in our Beaverton, Oregon office.

If someone's carelessness caused you an injury, all you want is to be treated fairly.  We cannot tell you how many times our clients have told us they are not looking to "win the lottery," or "rake someone over the coals," but insurance companies do not see it that way.  We see it all the time ...

  • Insurance adjusters making a low ball offer weeks, even days after your injury when you are still treating with physicians, not knowing the possible long term effects of an injury
  • Adjusters placing false deadlines for your to accept an offer, knowing full well these deadlines are meaningless
  • Adjusters denying that their insured is responsible for your injury, when it is obvious that they are

These are just a few tactics insurance adjusters employ to pay little or nothing to resolve your claim.  The truth is that insurance companies spend a lot of their money swaying public opinion about injury claims as a whole, and they will offer you little or nothing unless you are able to show a willingness to move forward, and take a stand.

With an attorney on your side, the insurance company is now dealing with somebody who has seen these same old insurance company arguments before, and knows how to respond.  We can guide you through the process, and take the burden off of dealing with a company whose agenda does not include taking care of you.

If you want learn more about how this works before you call, order our Oregon Personal Injury Guide here.  It does not cost you anything, it is private, and there are no obligations.

In our Oregon Personal Injury Guide, top rated Attorney Joe Di Bartolomeo answers your questions so you know where stand with your Oregon auto injury claim.  Joe shares the benefit of 25 years of helping people facing the same issues you face right now.  He knows what questions come up most often.  But more importantly, he knows the questions you should be asking, like:

1.  How much time to I have to resolve my case?

2.  How much information do I need to provide the insurance company?

3.  What forms do I need to sign in order to get my case resolved?

4.  How to I find the right attorney for my case?

5.  What am I really paying my lawyer when I sign a fee agreement?

6.  How do my medical bills get paid?

7.  Will my health insurance pay my bills?

8.  How come I feel like I am "under investigation?"

What You Need to Know About Oregon and Washington Auto Injury Claims

You have to prove it.  In other words, you carry the "burden of proof" to show that the other person was at fault, and that this person's careless behavior caused you an injury.  You also have to show how badly you were injured.

Sometimes proving fault or carelessness is not a big deal, but sometimes it is.  Your claim may need investigation, which includes everything from accident site visits to witness statements. You may need an expert with specialized knowledge to show how and why the other person is responsible to the harm you suffered.

Proving the actual harm you suffered will almost always require a medical expert opinion.  You will need a physician to explain that the accident or collision caused you an injury, and what that injury actually is.  You will need the physician to also justify the medical care you required, the cost of that care, and whether you should have been off work.  Sometimes, you may also need an expert to prove how your future ability to earn a living has been impaired.

We Know Every Case Is Different

Insurance companies like to review your medical records before any court filings to try and settle your case.  Sometimes, this is the correct approach, but not always.  We look at each case individually to see what approach works best for you.  We may file the case in court before we even discuss settlement.  This often saves time.  We may decide to send a settlement demand, but not for a specific amount of money.  The goal is to obtain the best result for you, and that determines how we move forward.

Some lawyers cast a wide net, telling the public that they handle a multitude of different kinds of cases.  We do not.  Instead, we think it makes more sense to be really good at a few things, and not just okay at many. If a client calls us with case outside of our area of expertise, we will find a lawyer who can handle the case, or team up with another lawyer at no additional cost to our client.

If you want to talk about your case, give us a call at 1-888-306-6910 to learn where you stand.

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