Oregon Workers' Compensation Claims

Important Questions When Your Claim Is Denied

1.  Should I appeal a claim denial? 

Learn about appealing your claim denial here.

2. How do I pay for an attorney?

An attorney is only paid if you win the claim. Read about attorney fees here.

3. How do I prove my claim?

This article discusses how claims are proven.

4. What happens at a Workers' Compensation hearing?

Check out this article to find out what happens at a Workers' Comp. hearing.

5. Can I resolve my claim with a settlement?

This article discusses settlements of disputed workers' compensation claims.

Even If Your Claim Is Accepted, You Should Know:

1. Even if your claim is accepted, the insurance company may not have taken full reponsibility for your claim. 

Read this article to learn about your Notice of Acceptance.

2.  My insurance company enrolled me in a Managed Care Organization. What is this?

Managed Care Organizations, or MCO's, place another layer of bureaucracy between you and your medical care. Learn the truth about the MCO's here.

3. My doctor asked for approval for medical care, but it was denied. What can I do?

When any benefit for an accepted claim is denied, you can appeal. Learn more about appealing denied medical care here.

4.  The Workers' Compensation carrier wants to resolve my case.  Should I?

When you settle an accepted claim, you are giving up all of your rights except for the right to request future medical care. Learn about settlement of accepted claims here.

5. My claim was closed recently. What are my options?

If your claim is classified as "disabling," then the insurance company is required to file a Notice of Closure. Learn more about the Notice of Closure here.

We Are Here To Help, And Unless We Do, There is No Fee

The good news is that the Oregon Workers' Compensation statute provides the injured worker access to an attorney. Under the statute and the rules, attorneys who represent injured workers are not paid unless they achieve a positive result for their client. If the attorney is unsuccessful, there is no fee. Where the claim is denied, and the attorney prevails, the insurance company has to pay not only the attorney fee, but the costs involved in fighting the denial. If you have a denied Oregon Workers' Compensation claim, or even if your claim is accepted, contact us to discuss your case. We will answer your questions, and even if you don't need a lawyer,  at least you know where you stand with the claim.
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