Can I appeal a workers' compensation denial?

You Have Sixty Days to Appeal Your Denial

You have sixty days from the date of the denial letter.  There is no fee to file an appeal.

When in Doubt, Appeal

Oregon Workers' Compensation is a private insurane system. This means the insurance company decides whether to accept and cover your workers' comp. claim.  Only if you appeal your claim denial does the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board get involved.

At the very least, filing a request for hearing preserves your ability to contest the denial.  You can hire an attorney to file your appeal, or have an attorney look over your case even after you have filed the appeal.

Attorneys are not paid a fee unless they win the case.  If they do, the insurance company pays the attorney fee.  If the denial is upheld, there is no attorney fee.  There is really no risk in filing the appeal.

We often file requests for hearing just to give our client an opportunity to meet to review the claim file, and decide whether to go foward with a hearing

We Can Review Your Denial

If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, contact our office for a no cost consultation.  We can request a hearing, obtain your claims file, and give you all the information you need to make a solid decision on moving foward.

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