If You Have Been Badly Hurt After an Oregon Slip and Fall Accident, You Have Rights and Deserve to Be Compensated for Your Injuries.

The injuries that result from a slip and fall accident in Oregon can be severe, and in many cases, life-changing. Victims of this type of accident are often left with broken bones, lacerations, and severe brain or head trauma. What is frustrating for the victim—and family members of the victims—is that these injuries can usually have been prevented with proper maintenance and warning signs put up by the property owners. When property owners fail to protect those who visit their establishment, Astoria slip and fall attorney Joe Di Bartolomeo has the experience necessary to pursue compensation for the victim.

Unsure of what you should do after a trip and fall, or slip and fall accident? Get the answers you deserve in this free guide to Oregon personal injury. Here, you will get the information you need to understand what goes into your claim and how you can be sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

When you are badly hurt after slipping or tripping while shopping, patronizing a business, or visiting a commercial property, the injuries you sustain are extremely painful. To make matters worse, the cost associated with caring for these serious injuries can be higher than you may realize. Even with the best health insurance, your health costs may be more than you can afford. The time you are forced to take off from work may leave you with less money than you anticipated. You deserve to receive compensation to cover these high expenses.

You Do Not Have to Pay for the Negligence of a Property Owner

Whether your injury came as a result of poor lighting, failure to properly maintain premises, or a spill that was not cleaned, the process of filing and fighting for your compensation can be complex. With help from an Astoria slip and fall lawyer, your rights can be protected as you pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

If you have received any of the following injuries, an Oregon slip and fall attorney at Di Bartolomeo Law Office, P.C. can help:

  • Slip and fall
  • Trip and fall
  • Hurt by falling merchandise
  • Cracked or buckled sidewalks
  • Failure to maintain lighting, railing and other architectural structures
  • Open trenches

Don’t Fight Your Slip and Fall Claim Alone

Although it may appear as though your slip and fall claim is straightforward, there are a lot of complexities that go along with getting compensation for injuries in this type of accident. Joe Di Bartolomeo, the Oregon slip and fall attorney, is experienced in proving property owners’ negligence and fighting for the rights of victims.

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