Putting The Family First In Seeking Justice For The Loss Of A Loved One

We Are Sorry

We are.  We have families, and we can only imagine.  We have helped other clients going through this devastation, and although it may be hard to fathom soon after a loss, we have actually seen people start to move forward.  We know, because we can say that we had some small part in helping people with those steps.

When to Act

Although Oregon law allows several months for a surviving family member or other surviving loved one to pursue a wrongful death claim, it often makes sense to start the claims process as soon a practical.  This is amazingly difficult when the pain and the grief is fresh, but In certain cases, early investigation is crucial to determine the responsible party or parties, and to investigate and establish responsibility.  Our firm has handled these cases, and will often work closely with expert witnesses, including accident reconstructionists, economists, toxicologists, and even pathologists to document the case facts.  Many times, these experts need to have an early look at the evidence to provide an opinion.

What Needs To Be Done

Wrongful death cases also involve a special process, which includes the opening of an estate of the lost family member, and notifying all the potential beneficiaries of the claim.  We also contact and interview family members and friends to try as much as possible to "get to know" the lost family member, and a sense of who this person was, and why and how they were so special to the people they left behind.

In many cases, there may be litigation.  This is a journey, and often difficult, but sometimes necessary.  We have guided clients through this before, and we offer that experience and knowledge.  Are we aggressive?  Sure, you can say that, but we prefer to describe our firm as tenacious and thorough.

We Have Been Here Before

To say we know how you feel would simply be dishonest, and worst, disrespectful, but we can say we have been here before.  We have sat across the table from grieving mothers, spouses, and even children.  We know the value of listening, but also the importance of action.  This is your case, not ours, and we don't forget that part either.

When You Are Ready, We Are Here

At a certain time, you will be ready to think about pursuing a case, or at least looking into whether you have a case, and exploring options.  We are ready when you are to sit down talk, and to listen.