Dealing With Future Losses Is A Challange for Oregon Auto Injury Claims

We often work with clients who have suffered pretty serious injuries and in Oregon or Washington auto collision. There may be a surgery, and although the client will make a good recovery, they simply are the same, even after treatment. Sometimes, there may be future medical care in the picture, which could affect the case.

If somebody requires future medical care, it is possible to make that part of the claim. However, a medical expert has to talk about the type of care, and give an opinion that the client will certainly need a specific kind of medical care.

In many cases, the physician cannot be certain about the need for medical care, but will often explained that it is quite possible that are client may require some medical care, including a surgery far into the future.

Even though the need for future treatment is only a possibility, you still can claim compensation for the idea of having to deal with the possibility of future care. Facing the idea that you may require a surgery that will leave you less than able to carry out your everyday activities is not stress free, and should be made part of your claim if necessary.

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