A Family Comes Together

The best part about this job is the people you meet.  It can be the worst part, but only sometimes.

I just completed a Social Security hearing for a client who has worked as hard all her life as any client I have ever represented.

To get ready for hearing, I asked my client's daughter to prepare a statement.  She outlined in great detail how her mom came back from multiple surgeries, going back to work, even when in pain.  She talked about how her mom instilled  a work ethic in her, and that if anything, her mom probably battled to long to keep on working.

My client worked a physically demanding job, and when her health deteriorated, she kept on fighting. Even when she could no longer perform many of her job duties, her family swooped in without hesitation, working uncompensated to help her get the job done every day.

The family was also there during the application, and all the appeals.  They offered statements detailing my client's limitations, but the appeal was denied, and so we went to hearing.

The family was there again at the hearing, ready to testify, and explain how hard their mom and wife worked, the help they provided, and the day to day challenges she faces.

The ALJ knew the truth, probably before the hearing even started.  It was all there; the solid work history, the detailed accounts, the supporting medical opinions, all for a person with a strong work ethic. He could also tell that she had a family behind her ready to do whatever it took.

There is a lot of propaganda out there about how all people seeking Social Security Disability simply do not want to work. That is true some of the time, but honestly, most of those people do not get benefits.  From where I sit, most people that I work with want to work, but simply cannot.




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