What's Up With Social Security Disability Claims and the Federal Government Shutdown

Will the Shutdown Affect My Disability Claim?

As of last night, the federal government is partially shut down, and that raises questions about the processing and appeals of Social Security Disability claims.  In anticipation of potential issues, the Social Security Administration issued a “Contingency Plan” to ready itself for an anticipated lapse in funding. Here is what we know so far:

On the Local Level

For what is called “Frontline Activities,” Social Security will continue accepting benefit applications and requests for appeals, including requests for reconsideration, hearings, and Appeals Council review.

Initial Claims

Initial claims, including terminally ill, compassionate allowance, quick disability determinations, dire need determinations, and Wounded Warriors will continue.


The hearings offices will remain open.  The Administrative Law Judges and staff will continue sending out notices, preparing exhibits, scheduling hearings, and keeping Claimant’s notified of the status of their case.


If you have a pending Social Security claim, and have questions, contact us.  We are in touch with Social Security almost daily, and can help you navigate your claim appeal.

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