Astoria Oregon Seniors Take Action to Educate Their Piers About Drunk Driving Fatalities

Three Astoria High School Seniors just completed collaboration on their Senior Project to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated.  The project included a simulated fatal drunk driving related collision, and its aftermath. Many members of the community, including first responders, helped in staging the simulated fatal collision. Other students videotaped the collision's aftermath, the follow-up medical care of the victims, and a mock criminal trial against the drunk driver.

The Seniors then held and assembly at the high school in front of the student body and community members, inviting several guest speakers who discussed the real-life consequences of driving while intoxicated. 

The program included selected students reading letters to their parents as if they had been killed in a drunk driving related accident. To say that it was emotional is an understatement.

Thank you to all of the community members who helped make this program a reality, and a special thank you to the students who worked so hard to make a statement. It was a great success.

For more information about the "Every Fifteen Minutes" program, check out this link

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