Making the Most of the Policy Limits Injury Settlement in Oregon

Although legislative changes are on the way, we see many clients who suffer serious injuries in Oregon auto collisions with little or no options. At all starts with minimal policy limit drivers.

For decades, Oregon motorists have been able to buy the minimal required liability insurance which provides only $25,000.00 per claim, and $50,000.00 per accident. This mandatory minimum amount of coverage is not changed in several years, but the cost of medical care has.

We are in the midst of a case involving a serious shoulder injury suffered by our client in a motor vehicle collision. Unfortunately, the driver who caused your injury had only minimal coverage, less than the actual bills incurred.  As result, our client's options are limited, but we might be able to help somewhat.

If you are injured in an auto collision, and your insurance or your health plan pays medical expenses. The health insurance in the auto insurance will claim a right to be reimbursed for benefits provided out of any settlement that you make with the responsible driver's insurance carrier.  This can be done through subrogation, or a claim for reimbursement.

In some cases, the auto insurer or health plan may have to take less than what it paid. This depends upon the amount of the overall recovery and the amount of economic damages.

Insurance policies that are issued and 2016 will allow motorists to make additional claims against their own insurance carrier to be compensated fully for their injuries with uninsured motorist claims. Even then, some people may be stuck fighting off reimbursement claims from their own insurance company or health plan.

If you have  an Oregon or Washington auto injury claim against another motorist with minimal insurance limits, we may be able to help. Call us at 503-325-8600. We will review your file, and dig deep to find all possible legal options.

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