How do you prepare a client's Social Security case?

This a good question, because most of the work on a Social Security case happens well prior to hearing.  There are a few stages of work that we perform.

First, we perfect the appeal, which includes filing the actual request for review, and completing the Disability Appeal Report.  We then request your claims file, and review it.  In the early stages, we are making sure that Social Security has updated medical records.

When we review the file, we are looking for any evidence that will help, or even hurt, your claim.  We are also interested in finding out if a doctor or other health care provider is willing to comment on your condition and provide a report or respond to questions.  We will meet with these folks, and help them with reports, or statements to help prove your case.

We then continue to monitor the file, depending on which stage of the appeal you are facing.  If a request for reconsideration is denied, we file the appeal for our client, and request the hearing.  Prior to hearing, we are regularly in touch with our client to make sure that medical records are up to date, and that we have all the evidence we can find to prove the case.

We meet with our clients prior to hearing after summarizing and reviewing their file, and explain the hearing process from the time you walk into the door, until the time you leave the hearings room.  We also talk about what kind of questions will be asked, and what to expect from the particular Judge hearing the case.

After we receive a Decision, we contact our client, and discuss when benefits will be paid, or in some cases, whether to file an appeal.

For us, the goal is to get the proof early, keep things up to date, and keep our client informed.  If you are facing a denied claim, call us at 503-325-8600.  Even if you do not need our help, we can answer your questions.

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