What is the Disability Appeal Report for when I appeal a Social Security denial?

The Disability Appeal Report is a form that you are filling out when you request reconsideration of an initial claim denial, and when you file a request for hearing to appeal a denied reconsideration request.  Basically, the form asks for updated information about your condition, and medical treatment for that condition.  In some cases, Social Security may update your claim file, and may even ask for an consultative examination.  Here is a list of the information these forms seek:

  • whether you worked since you applied, or last filed an appeal
  • which doctors or hospitals you have seen since you applied, or last appealed your case
  • what medications you are taking
  • whether you condition has gotten worse, and if so, how
  • whether you have any new medical problems that developed since the denial or application
  • whether you have gotten any vocational training or schooling
  • what you are doing day to day

Whenever we meet with a client who has been recently denied, we help complete these forms, and make sure Social Security has all the latest information on your medical care.

If you are facing an appeal, and have questions about the Disability Appeal Report, or any form, give us a call at 503-325-8600.  We know these forms like the back of our hand.

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