Curious About Our Experience? Our Case Results Speak for Themselves. Read How We've Helped People Just Like You

Just about every personal injury law firm site includes a "results" section.  Sometimes we think it should be called a "bragging" section, with huge numbers to impress potential clients.  People hire us to get results, but the real value of the results section is the story of each case.  These client stories show you what we do, how we do it, and who we work with.  That can help you decide where to go with your case. 

But also remember this:

Every case is different, and just because we obtained a certain result for one client, does not guarantee we can achieve the same result for you.  That is the “disclaimer” that we must give, and it’s not just the fine legal print.  It’s important to know.

Something else to remember:

Some results we are most proud of are not the largest dollar recoveries.  A significant money recovery is important because it gives our client the resources to move on from a life changing injury. But the dollars only tell part of the story.  The best result is when we make lasting positive change for our client.

So when you look at these results, look at the story each case tells.


Joe Di Bartolomeo