Working With Joe Was Great

I was referred to Joe by someone who thought that he could possibly help me with my Social Security Disability claim, which I was having NO luck with on my own.  I had tried for years to navigate the frustrating route to receiving benefits, and had basically resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to qualify.  I met with Joe just to discuss the issue, without having any real expectation of success.  Next thing I know, several months later, I was awarded Disability benefits, along with the money I would have received if I had been getting benefits going all the way back to when I first applied several years before! 

Joe didn't ask for payment unless he won the case, and when I was given the benefits I was more than happy to pay him, and to recommend him to anyone else who has similar issues.  Working with Joe was great, and I am very thankful that I found him at the time in my life when I needed the most help.  Based on my experience, I can’t say enough good things about Joe, and I think he would do a fine job for anyone that sought his legal counsel."

D.R. Astoria, Oregon