Social Security Proposes Revisions to Cancer Listings

Posted on Jan 28, 2014

After Social Security decides that you have a severe medical impairment, it then looks to see whether or not you "meet a listing." These listings are separated into several categories, and if you meet a listing, you will be found disabled. From time to time, Social Security will revise the listings, which can be key to determining whether you meet the criteria for disability.

Social Security announced that it is looking at the current cancer listings, which is officially referred to as "Malignant Neoplastic Disease Listings of Impairments." The listings were last revised back in 2009. The first changes to simply change the name of the listings to "Cancer." The more specific changes include the following:

1. How the cancer would be evaluated when treated with multimodal therapy under certain listings. The decision on a claim could be deferred if a treating physician plans multi-modal therapy, but has not yet initiated it.

2. Certain definitions would be changed, including the term "unresectable," "persistent," and "progressive."

3. There would be some amendments to Hal specific types of cancer are evaluated, including chronic leukemia, primary breast cancer, Central nervous system cancers, primary peritoneal cancer, recurrent prostate cancer, and malignant melanoma.

4. Social Security would evaluate cancers treated with bone marrow or stem cell transplantation.

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