Social Security Administration Announces Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security Disability Benefits

Posted on Oct 20, 2023

In the fall of each year, the Social Security Administration announces a cost of living (COLA)adjustment for Social Security beneficiaries. This includes Social Security Disability beneficiaries.

This year, the monthly benefit will increase 3.2%  four 2024.

After we request a hearing on a denied Social Security Disability claim, we eventually have access to the exhibit file. One exhibit in every case file is a  detailed earning inquiry. Not only does this document tell us our client's past earnings, but also shows an estimate of benefits that would be paid if we prevail on the appeal.

 In a recent case, our client had stopped work at the very end of 2017. Because there is a five month waiting period for disability benefits, his benefits would have began around June 2018.   The case had gone up on appeal all the way to the US District Court, and was "remanded" or sent back for another hearing. The Administrative Law Judge was convinced that our client proved he was disabled under the statute, and we expect a Favorable Decision in the next few weeks.

 When our client's retroactive benefits are calculated, he will receive approximately 5 to 6 months of benefits at the 2018 benefit rate, with an increase every year through 2023. This will be a sizable and significant retroactive benefit award. 

 If you have a denied Social Security Disability claim, you must file your appeal within 60 days of the date of the denial letter. We can help filed the appeals, and review your file. If we see a enough to work with, we then begin building a case with updated medical records, and if at all possible, supporting medical opinions.

 Contact us if you need help with an appeal.  Under the Social Security Administration statutes, an attorney is entitled to a fee only if they prevail on their client's behalf. If they do, the fee is a percentage of the retroactive benefits (the benefits that should have been paid when the disability began). Attorney fees are also capped, which ensures that you received the majority of retroactive benefits. In almost all cases, no fees are taken out of ongoing benefits.


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