Questons Emerge Over Washington Highway Overpass Fatalities

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

A young family was recently killed when a concrete slab fell off of an overpass under construction in Bonney Lake, Washington.  Several contractores were working on a project to replace street lights and install sidewalks.  The City of Bonney Lake hired the contractors, and quesetions are arising over whether the contractors followed the safety terms in their agreement with the City.

The contract reportedly required the construction company to notify the City the type and location of work it would be performing day to day.  Recently, a city engineer told reporters that the several contractors working on the project notified the city that they would be performing work elsewhere on the date of this fatal accident. Apparently, the accident occurred when contractors were attempting to remove a concrete slab, and were performing demolition above the highway while the road was left open for traffic. The contract for the overpass construction also required measures to prevent falling debris onto the highway.

Several contractors were involved in the project. According to news reports, three separate 911 calls were made after the accident. One caller, a construction worker, explained that a barrier that was being cut fell often smashed the car passing below.

Given the circumstances of the tragedy, the Bonney Lake  Police Department's interviewing witnesses  as part of an investigation.

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