New Study: Musicians Risk Hearing Loss

Posted on May 01, 2014

A recent study shows that professional musicians are four times as likely to suffer noise induced hearing loss.

Noise induced hearing loss can be caused by a sudden, loud noise, like gunfire or an explosion. However, in our practice, we more commonly occupational noise resulting from years of exposure to loud work environments, like sawmills, factories, or plywood mills.

When a worker seeks workers’ compensation benefits for noise induced hearing loss, they are often denied, with the employer arguing that other other factors are causing the hearing loss. Employers hire doctors who attribute much of the hearing loss to age,  off the job noise exposure, or other health issues.

Oregon hearing loss claims are typically “occupational disease claims.” In such claims, the worker must show that excessive exposure to noise in the workplace is the dominant cause of the hearing loss, when compared to all other causes combined.  In  other words, more than 50% of your hearing loss must be due to the excessive work noise.

Hearing loss claims present unique challenges. If you have an Oregon Workers's Compensation hearing loss claim, call us at 503-325-8600 with your questions. We have extensive experience working with hearing loss claims in Oregon.

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