New Claim For On the Job Injury After Settlement

Posted on Jul 03, 2014

You may be able to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, even if you settled a claim with a disputed claims settlement.

A recent case from the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board illustrates this point. The injured worker suffered an on-the-job injury, and eventually entered into a disputed claims settlement. Several years later, the injured worker experienced ongoing symptoms, and made a claim for post traumatic stress syndrome. The Board found that the prior settlement included the post traumatic stress syndrome, and concluded that the injured worker could not now make a claim for that particular condition.

Whether you can make a claim for a “new” or “omitted” condition depends upon what conditions were resolved in the disputed claims settlement. Many disputed claims settlement documents include a litany of all medical conditions appearing in the medical records to prevent future claims. However, depending upon the situation, it may be worth exploring the possibility of a new claim.

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