Forest Grove Fatal Crash Suspects Appear in Court

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

Two suspects appeared in Washington County Circuit Court on Wednesday to face charges arising from a a tragic accident that killed two girls that were playing in a pile of leaves in the street.

The driver was arraigned on two counts of felony hit and run. Her brother was arraigned on a single count of hindering prosecution. The "hindering prosecution" charge arose out of the brother's alleged efforts to cover up evidence connected with the crash. Apparently, police records show that the suspect took his sister's vehicle to a carwash in Hillsboro, Oregon to wash the car in an effort to eliminate evidence of the hit and run.

The "felony hit and run" charge against the driver involves failing to stop the vehicle as soon as possible after the accident, failing to render assistance to the injured parties, and failing to wait for law-enforcement arrive at the accident scene.  The investigation in this case shows that the defendant charged with the crime allegedly ran through the pile of leaves intentionally, and later discovered that she had in fact struck at least one person.

These charges do not necessarily mean that the driver charged with these crimes was negligent in causing these tragic deaths. This determination depends on many factors, including the road conditions, lighting, and what the driver saw as she approached the pile of leaves on the street. If prosecutors determine that the driver was driving in a way that disregarded the health safety of others, additional charges may be brought.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this tragic accident.


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