What happens if I lose my Social Security Disability hearing?

Social Security Disability allows for several appeals. An initial denial can be appealed with a request for reconsideration. A request for reconsideration denial can be appealed with the request for hearing. When you go to hearing, it is usually the first time you get to actually meet the person who is making the decision on your case. If you are unsuccessful at hearing, you will receive an Unfavorable Decision. That can be appealed.

Unfavorable Decisions are appealed to the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council is a group of judges located in Falls Church, Virginia. Certain judges are assigned to hear appeals from certain parts of the country. The Appeals Council will allow you to submit new evidence if it pertains to the issues that the judge reviewed at hearing, and will also allow written arguments.

If you are successful at the Appeals Council, the case will be sent back to the original Administrative Law Judge  for another hearing.  if you are in the middle of an application for Social Security Disability, and have questions, call us at 503-325-8600. We have represented hundreds of people over the last two decades, and know our way around the system.

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