What medical conditions will Social Security consider for disability benefits?

Social Security recognizes several medical conditions that can cause disability. The most common in our experience are orthopedic and spinal conditions. However, many of our client struggle with mental impairments to keep them from being able to work as well.

Other disabling conditions we have helped client on include cardiovascular conditions, respiratory illnesses, neurological disorders, immune system disorders, digestive tract problems, cancer, and kidney disease.

For many medical problems, the Social Security Administration has developed "impairment listings." The impairment listings are an appendix to the rules, and set out the medical findings necessary to determine whether somebody, based on the medical records alone, is entitled to disability benefits. Even if you do not "meet a listing," you still may be found disabled if your residual abilities are so reduced that you cannot engage in any competitive employment.

There are some conditions, like fibromyalgia, that do not have a specific listing. However, Social Security does maintain policies on how to review and consider claims for disability arising from fibromyalgia.

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