The Role of an Independent Medical Examination in a Workers’ Comp Claim

After suffering an injury at work, the insurance company may ask you to attend an independent medical examination. Before you go to this appointment, it is important for you to know the type of situation you are walking into.

Although insurers call these appointments independent medical examinations, you should know that the doctor evaluating you is someone the insurance company chose. While some medical examiners are objective, many doctors are biased in favor of the insurance company. To increase your chances of having the appointment go in your favor, the Di Bartolomeo Law Office has three tips for you to follow:

  1. Be cooperative and polite because the doctor examining you will be writing a report that could affect your claim.
  2. Do your best to give a good, honest effort during your exam because the doctor will note less than optimal effort or inconsistent test results. This information will be brought up in your hearing later, which can affect your case outcome.
  3. Bring an observer to your appointment. In Oregon, an observer can attend most examinations, which may be to your benefit.

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