When You Need Extra Help With Your Oregon Personal Injury, Social Security, or Oregon Workers' Compensation Claim, These Resources May Be Able to Help

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Truck and Car Collisions

  • Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles

    The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website has an extensive database filled with educational articles, valuable information, and more. Travelling in Oregon any time of the year can be an adventure.  In the summer months, the Oregon Coast is filled with vacationers in an unfamiliar place.  In the winter, weather events and road work can make a two hour trip into a five hour journey.  Use his website can help you plan ahead to avoid road hazards to avoid and learn more about car accident laws in Oregon if you are dealing with an injury claim.

Oregon Construction and Logging Injury Claims

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    OSHA is in charge of helping people stay safe while performing their daily tasks. On the OSHA website, you can get more information about the requirements your employer must follow to keep you safe at work. When we work on Employer Liability Law claims for injured workers in Portland, Astoria, and throughout Western Oregon, the OSHA investigation results, and the rules on this site provide valuable information to help prove a claim for our client.

  • Fatality and Accident Investigation Reports

    On the Oregon Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (Oregon OSHA) website, you can get details about injuries and fatalities in Oregon logging accidents and other types of workplace accidents. Learn more about your rights and what you can do if you are injured in a logging accident on the Oregon Coast.

Slip and Fall

Oregon Workers' Compensation

  • The Oregon Workers' Compensation Board

    The Oregon Workers' Compensation Board is the part of the Oregon Workers' Compensation system that hears appeals of claim denials and reviews other disputes regarding workers' compensation benefits.  The Hearings Division, with offices throughout the State of Oregon, employees Administrative Law Judges who sit as judges in hearings.  Many of the Administrative Judges also act as mediators to facilitate settlement of disputes between injured workers and employers.

    The actual Workers' Compensation Board hears appeals from the Hearings Division level, and those decisions, called "Orders on Review," can be found at this site.  The site also includes links to statutes and rules that govern the Board, forms, and decisions from the Workers' Compensation Board.

  • Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division

    The Oregon Workers' Compensation Division regulates the Oregon Workers' Compensation system, including review of claim disputes like medical services, Notices of Closure, and eligibility for vocational benefits.  The site includes links to rules and statues, as well as useful forms, including forms for reimbursement for travel and meals for injured workers attending independent medical examinations, and travel to their own treating physicians.  There is also helpful information for injured workers explaining the workers' compensation process. 

Social Security Disability

  • Oregon Disability Determination Services: The Agency That Decides an Oregonians Social Security Disability Application

    The Oregon state government maintains this website to offer Oregonians information about the requirements for SSI and SSDI in Oregon, and how to apply for these federal benefits. For people in Astoria, Seaside, and throughout Oregon, this state agency reviews the initial application and first appeal of a Social Security disability application. This website can give you important details to help you get the supplemental income and disability benefits in Oregon.

    Disability Determination Services, the agency that reviews the initial application and first appeal, often denies the initial claim, and according to national statistics, more often than not denies the first appeal.

  • Washington State's Disability Determination Services: The First Agency That Reviews Your Social Security Disability Application

    Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are both federal benefits, but the state government will review and decide your application and the first appeal if you are denied.  We frequently represent Washington residents from Long Beach, Iwaco, Ocean Park, Naselle, and all over Pacific County on Social Security Disability claims.

    This agency, like many others, will frequently deny the initial claim, and the statistics we review show that the first appeal will almost certainly be denied.  This web site gives a general overview of the agency's mission, and provides background information for the Washington resident seeking Social Security Disability benefits.