My Oregon Workers' Compensation claim was denied. How do I prove the claim?

The first step in dealing with a denied workers' compensation claim is to request a hearing with the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board. A letter to the Workers' compensation board seeking a hearing on the denial is a good first step. If you want to get an attorney involved, that is even better, given the complexities involved with many workers' compensation cases.

The next issue to deal with is how to overcome the denial. When an injured worker requests a hearing on a denied workers' compensation claim, he or she must prove that their injury on the job is the reason they need treatment, or cannot work. There are many issues that go along with proving a denied claim, including what kind of workers' compensation claim you're dealing with, and whether medical opinion evidence is necessary.

We review denied claims all of the time, and can advise you of your options. Call us at 503-325-8600. We will appeal your claim, and review your file. If we pursue your claim, the insurance company pays our fee only if we win.

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