What is a "non- disabling compensable injury?"

When an Oregon Workers' Compensation carrier or an employer accepts an on-the-job injury claim, it must classify the claim is either "disabling," or "non-disabling." When a claim is classified as "non-disabling," it means that the injured worker needed treatment for their injury, but did miss any time from work.

You can find out whether your claim is classified as disabling or non-disabling by looking at your Notice of Acceptance. If the claim was classified as non-disabling, and you disagree with this decision, you can request that the claim be reclassified within one year of the date of the Notice of Acceptance. If the insurance company refuses to reclassify the claim, you can seek review of that decision with the State of Oregon Workers' Compensation Division.

It is important that you know that your claim is properly classified. For example, you may suffer a fairly serious injury that results in time off from work, or is expected to cause permanent impairment. However, if the claim is not classified as "disabling," that means there will be no Notice of Closure, and you may not be able to obtain permanent partial disability benefits.

We review claims files every day to see whether it makes sense to challenge claim classifcation, or pursue any other issues that protect your rights.  Under the Oregon Workers' Compensation laws, we earn an attorney fee only if we obtain additional or new benefits for our client.  Depending on the benefit at issue, the insurance company pays our fee, or it comes out of any increased compensation to the injured worker.  Either way, the State of Oregon must approve the fee.

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