Can I request a lump sum payment of my permanent partial disability award?

Yes, but you must be careful.

Oregon Workers' Compensation law provides for a permanent partial disability benefit. This is a cash benefit that is theoretically compensating you for your lost work capacity. There are two kinds of permanent partial disability benefit, and you can learn more about the actual benefit here.

If the permanent partial disability benefit is greater than $6,000.00, then the insurance company will make monthly payments within 30 days after the Notice of Closure, even if you appeal the Notice of Closure.the amount of payments is based upon your temporary total disability rate.

You can request a lump sum payment of the permanent partial disability award instead of receiving all the payments over time. However, if you make the request for lump sum payment, you give up your right to appeal the amount of your permanent partial disability award.

Lump sum payments are useful, but before applying, you should know whether not the insurance company has properly evaluated your permanent partial disability.

We review claims files to help injured workers no whether not a lump sum payment request makes sense. If you are not sure about whether to appeal your Notice of Closure, or request a lump sum payment, call us at 503-325-8600. We can review your file, and let you know where you stand. The best part is that we are not paid a fee unless we obtain more benefits for you.

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