How Astoria Personal Injury Claims Are Assessed by Insurers Even though an Astoria car accident, construction accident, logging accident, slip and fall accident, or any other type of personal injury can cause an innocent person harm, the insurance company will not willingly cover that person’s damages. The reality is that insurance companies are in business to make money, which is why you need to know how insurance companies operate in the event of a personal injury accident.

From the moment you suffer an injury, the insurance company will open an investigation into your claim. They are determining if their insured would be found negligent in a court of law. After they conclude that the party they insure would be found at fault, they will look at your damages to determine a settlement offer. Although they will be reviewing your medical expenses and lost income, you may have future medical bills and lost wages as a result of your injury. This is why you need an experienced Astoria personal injury lawyer on your side—to stand up to the insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve.

Oregon personal injury accidents can cause an end to a career or affect an entire family. For help making sure you and your family are taken care of during an overwhelming and difficult time, contact Astoria injury attorney Joe Di Bartolomeo at 503-325-8600 for a free consultation or online at

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