Must-Do Action Items for Witnesses of Logging and Industrial Accidents in Oregon

Industrial accidents are never expected, and often scary. While no one wants to admit fault or fear, witnessing a serious injury is shocking. As a witness to an on the job accident, you play an important role in the outcome of your co-worker’s accident claim.

Here are five must-follow steps to do after a logging accident in Oregon to help ensure the safety and long-term wellbeing of your colleague.

  1. Call for emergency transportation. First and foremost, you want to get emergency medical personnel on the way. Getting emergency vehicles to the scene of a logging accident can take longer than average. Call immediately to shorten their response time, and have your location information.  Many EMTs will contact the Coast Guard if necessary to remove someone from a remote area.
  2. Administer first aid. If possible, provide first aid to the injured person. This may involve stopping any bleeding, getting the injured person to a safe area, or anything else you are able to do to temporarily assist them.
  3. Notify top management. Top management should be notified right away. If they are not already on the scene of the accident, it is vital that you contact them immediately.
  4. Leave everything in place. Do not move anything from the scene of the accident. If possible, take pictures to show what happened. Oregon OSHA will probably want to investigate the incident In the long run, this can help the Oregon work accident victim with his claim.
  5. Remain with the injured person. Above all, do not leave the injured person alone. Stay with him until your supervisor tells you that it is okay to leave.

If you witness an on the job injury, you may be able to help the injured person and his loved ones. After you have done everything you could, the injured party should contact a construction and logging accident attorney to at least know his options in managing his claim.

At the Di Bartolomeo Law Office, P.C., we have worked with loggers who have suffered severe, life changing injuries. The injured person should call as soon as they are able to schedule a free consultation and protect himself from a poor outcome.

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