Who pays my medical bills after an Oregon auto collision?

If you are injured in an Oregon auto collision, and the car you were driving or riding is is insured in the State of Oregon, then the insurance policy covering the car carries Personal Injury Protection coverage, also called "PIP."  This coverage is a no fault medical policy that pays a minimum of $15,000.00 for reasonable and related medical care up to one year from the date of your collision. 

You need to file a PIP application, and sign an authorization so the insurance company can obtain your medical records.  Here are some other facts about PIP coverage:

  • The PIP is "no fault," so even if you are at fault, you are covered in most cases;
  • You are covered if you are a passenger;
  • You are covered if you are driving another person's car with their permission;
  • There are other benefits available, like disability, domestic care expenses, and child care;
  • The $15,000.00 is the minimum required coverage.  There may be higher coverage

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