What claims do I have if I am injured in an Oregon or Washington auto collision?

Oregon and Washington each have their own set of rules and laws about what can be claimed if a person is injured in a car wreck or with any other kind of personal injury claim. The compensation you may claim is similar in both states, but carries different labels.

You have a claim for any medical expenses and lost income as a result of your injuries. This claim is not limited to past medical expenses and past lost income, but if documented, can include future lost income and future medical costs.

You also have a right to be compensated for the loss of your health. Oregon refers to this type of claim as "non-economic damage", and Washington refers to these claims as "general damages." Regardless of the name, the law recognizes that everyone has the right to be a whole healthy person. If somebody is careless, and causes another injury, the injured party may seek compensation for the loss of their health. Many people are familiar with the term "pain and suffering," but that only covers part of the compensation for the loss of health.

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