What are the chances that my Oregon injury claim is going to trial?

It is no secret that most injury claims in Oregon and Washington do not go to trial. Most of the time, people will be able to resolve their differences, and move on. However, there are some cases that should and do go to trial. Here are a few thoughts on whether your Oregon or Washington injury case will go to trial.

In the end, it depends on what you can prove. If you have a clear liability case, then there is a greater chance you may be able to resolve your case short of trial. However, if the defendant, or responsible party, denies fault, then the chances of going to trial have increased.

The other issue for the Oregon or Washington injury claim is damage. What kind of damage resulted from the defendant’s negligent or careless behavior? Sometimes, an insurance company will admit that their insured was at fault, and acted carelessly. However, whether and how much injury and auto collision caused is a whole different issue. If there is a disagreement about the nature and extent of an injury resulting from an Oregon or Washington car collision, or other negligent behavior, then the chances of going to trial are increased.

Another factor is the people you are dealing with. Some insurance companies are more willing to come to the table to discuss resolution, and others are not. Certain insurance companies have hard and fast rules over which cases will go to trial, and which will not.

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