How long does it take to resolve an injury claim in Oregon or Washington?

Next to asking about the value of a case, this is an often asked question, but there are too many factors that allow for a simple answer.  Still, there are some factors at play that determine how long you may be dealing with an injury claim.

Recovery Time

Ideally, it makes sense to approach an insurance company with a settlement demand after you have completed your medical care, and your doctor is able to provide some opinion as to the nature and extent of your injuries, and your future outlook.  It may take a long to time to heal, which will delay the time the demand for settlement demand goes out.

Statute of Limitations

If anything trumps waiting for medical care to wrap up, it is the statute of limitations.  The statue of limitations is the time you have to either resolve your case, or have it filed in court.  In some cases, a person may be injured, and still treating with their doctors, but because the statute of limitation is approaching, the case will be filed in court.

Court Dockets

Different courts have different dockets, or schedules.  If a court is really busy, your trial may not be scheduled for some time from the filing date.  Also, if a case involves complex issues, it may have to be postponed to make sure that all the witnesses, attorneys, and exhibits will be ready for the trial, which could take several days.

Courts also have statutory obligations to give certain cases priority over other kinds of cases.  We have gotten calls the week before the trial letting us know that our case has been "bumped" and that the trial will have to be rescheduled.

Your Case

Every case requires a person to prove certain issues, like liabiliy, damages, and the relationship between the two.  If there is no issue about liability, and the injuries are obvious, then the case may resolve quickly, without much trouble.  However, if there are disputes about any issue, then the case could drag out.

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