What are "economic" damages?

If you have an injury claim in Oregon, you have a right to request compensation for your losses. Oregon law divides the type of loss as you can claim into two categories. The first is called "economic" damages.  The other is called "non-economic" damages.

"Economic" damages are those kinds of losses that are objectively verifiable. In other words, these kinds of claims can be objectively verified with a medical bill or a wage stub. The statute that defines economic losses includes medical expenses, and the cost of substitute domestic services. You should also keep in mind that these losses cover both already incurred losses, but also losses that you can verify will occur in the future.

Washington allows for a similar claim. However, the labels applied to this type of claim are different. Lost wages, medical expenses and other verifiable expenses in Washington are categorized in the claim for "special" damages. Same damages, different name.

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