USAA Does Not Honor Veterans

USAA appeals to our sense of patriotism, and purports to honor our veterans.  How they actually treat some of their members, in our opinion, is frankly dishonorable.

We are working with a veteran who was disabled in a collision.  In Oregon, a person who is disabled in a collision is entitled to disability benefits after fourteen days of documented disability.  Apparently, the USAA adjuster was not aware of this basic requirement, and refused to pay disability benefits.  Only after a threat of litigation were benefits paid.

Approximately two months later, we were advised that USAA performed a medical records review, and again denied benefits.  We were told that the denial was based upon the lack of a clear prognosis or treatment plan.  None of this has anything to do with whether the collision disabled our client.  We filed our case in Circuit Court, and are headed for arbitration.

We have seen many insurance companies say one thing in their advertising, and do another to their customers when the customer is most vulnerable.  But when you pretend to honor Vets who were there for us, and rip them off when we need to be there for them, it is shameful.

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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