Gallon Smashing: A New Sensation in Oregon Slip and Fall Accidents

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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Posted on Apr 28, 2013

As attorneys for an Astoria personal injury law firm that frequently helps people with their Oregon slip and fall claims, we were surprised to see YouTube light up with a viral video sensation popularly called “Gallon Smashing.” Now, this viral video trend has led to numerous slip and fall accidents nationwide, leaving many to wonder if this is legal.

Gallon smashing videos show people running through grocery stores, smashing milk on the floors, and then purposely falling and acting hurt. The video sensation has quickly become a major hit among online video viewers across the United States, and even in some parts of Europe.

The trend started as a prank intended to be funny. Now, many people speculate if these people are actually committing a crime by smashing the gallons of milk on the floor. One of the biggest concerns is that liquid spilled on the floors of grocery stores will cause the surfaces to be slick. This is one of the main causes of slip and fall accidents in Oregon and across the United States. When gallon smashers run through grocery stores intentionally spilling liquid on slippery surfaces, they put other shoppers at an unnecessary risk of a slip and fall accident.

Although no laws specifically outlaw the gallon smashing prank yet—likely because there have been no major injuries as a result of one of these incidents—many are concerned for the potential safety hazard posed by gallon smashers. Some of the perpetrators of this prank have been arrested for disorderly conduct or similar charges, but so far none have had to face a lawsuit for causing serious injury to another shopper.

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries, and if this fad continues, more people are put at risk in grocery stores. If you have been injured after slipping on a slippery surface in any store, you have rights to compensation. It may only be a matter of time before one of these video sensations are sued for causing serious injury to their fellow shoppers.

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