How Appeals Make Us Better

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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Joe Di Bartolomeo is a top rated personal injury lawyer helping Oregon and Washington families

We concentrate our efforts on helping people through the early parts of their claim, and then if necessary, trial or hearing.  This part of the case involves discovering the story of the case.  Discovering the story requires some digging, like meeting with our client, questioning witnesses, and consulting with experts. 

After a decision, we will sometimes request an appeal.  This is a request to a higher court or tribunal asking for review of the hearings level decision.  Appeals can go pretty high, depending on the issue.  We have been working on a few interesting appeals lately, and it is a tedious, but worthwhile exercise.

If a trial or hearing involves telling the story, an appeal is really a look back.  The Judge's decision is now the story, and we have to see whether the Judge got it right.  Most of the time they do, but some times they do not.  Judges are people, and people make mistakes.  That is why we have appeals.

Appeals help not only our current client, but the next person needing our help.  We get to look back at what happened, and may learn a thing or two about how to approach the next case, and tell the next story.




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