Finding the Right Attorney for the Right Client

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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Joe Di Bartolomeo is a top rated personal injury lawyer helping Oregon and Washington families

I just finished meeting with an former client looking for help on a case.  It is always nice to hear from old clients.  When you walk down a path with a client, you get to know and appreciate the client as not just a client, but a person.

Like many professions, however, we limit our efforts to only certain kinds of cases.  "Specializing" or limiting our focus to Oregon and Washington injury and disability cases allows us to concentrate our efforts on what we know best.  But, if we get a call from somebody looking for help on a case outside our practice area, whether it is an old client or a new client, we try to find the lawyer or law firm that can do the best job for the client.

So, if you have a family law, bankruptcy or defective medical device case, call us at 503-325-8600. We will find the right person for you if we can.



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