Do We Really Need to Study This?

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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Joe Di Bartolomeo is a top rated personal injury lawyer helping Oregon and Washington families

A recent on-line article discussed a study aimed at determining what people are doing in  the moments prior to a collision to find out how these collisions occur. The study involves equipping  over 3000 cars with a Bunch of censors and tools designed to capture information about  driving and behavior.. The censors include a seller Raiders, radar, and  even alcohol censors.this study is being coordinated by the Strategic Highway Research Program, also referred to as SHRP 2.  Here is the best part: the Congressional budget for this program is $70.4 million.

Investigation is certainly necessary to make highways and road safer, and educate drivers about the dangers of cell phone use, drinking and driving, and driving too fast. However, one has to wonder whether this money, or at least some of it, could be better spent teaching new drivers, improving roadways, and helping state and local governments in force traffic laws.

we have represented several people injured in truck and car collisions, and can say without funding what causes most collisions.

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