Distracted Driving, An Eye Opening Experience

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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An organization called enddd.org has put together a ready to go power point presentation aimed at teaching young people about the choices they have when deciding whether or not to drive distracted.  Joel Feldman, a Philadelphia attorney, developed the program after his daughter, Casey, was killed by a distracted driver.  Here are some of the things I have learned about distracted driving, which has changed the way I drive:

  • Distracted driving is not limited to phone use.  It encompasses any distractions, like eating, programming the GPS, or reaching for that pesky CD sitting on the floor board.   This is obvious, but again, it's not just about the phone.
  • There are three kinds of distraction that often overlap.  They are:  visual, cognitive, and manual distraction. 
  • Studies show that hands free operation of a cell phone does not eliminate the risks with distracted driving.
  • The risk of causing a collision when driving distracted is the same as driving with a .08 blood alcohol concentration.

Here is the number one thing that I learned from the students I spoke with:


So, go to www.enddd.org, and learn more.

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