Attorney Honors Daughter's Memory By Preventing Distracted Driving

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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An attorney named Joel Feldman lost his daughter to a distracted driver, and in an effort to honor her memory, he put together a well researched power point presentation for teens on the topic.  This was no every day presentation.  Mr. Feldman worked with several medical and mental health professionals to make sure that the message, aimed at younger people, would resonate, and it does.

The organization is, and the presentation views its young audience as intelligent, and independent.  There is no scare tactics, and no finger waving, just some good information for teens and their parents to think about.  I was impressed with how open and responsive the students were, and could see that it was an issue they wanted to talk about.

There are a lot of good resources out there to learn about the problem of distracted driving, but you should check out  This presentation really dives deep into how to convey the message, and talk to younger people about such an important issue.


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