Social Security Administrative Judge Does the Right Thing

Joe Di Bartolomeo
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This morning I posted a blog  article about a  remand hearing on a Social Security Disability case. We had  gone to hearing a couple of years ago, and received an Unfavorable Decision. We appealed the decision,  and the Appeals Council sent that the matter back  to the same Judge to correct several errors. Obviously, we were concerned about appearing in front of the same Judge.

Today, the Administrative Law Judge did the right thing. He told my client that he had saved his notes from the prior hearing a couple of years ago, and that he had read those notes carefully. He also reviewed the Appeals Council Order, and the new medical evidence that we have provided over the course of the appeal, and just prior to hearing.  The Judge then asked my client a few questions, just to get an update of where my client was with her condition and medical care.

The Judge then asked questions of the vocational expert, and based his questions upon the evidence in the file showing my client's physical limitations.  Based on the answers he got, the Judge then explained to my client that he was approving her application, and would find that she met the criteria for disability for over four years.

Then, the Judge did something that I have not seen very often.  He told my client that he had made some mistakes, and that he was sorry.  There are some Judge's that will do this, but not many.  That is courage, and that is refreshing.

So, my client can move forward.  Finally.

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